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  • The Turing Way: The Turing Way is an open source community-driven guide to reproducible, ethical, inclusive and collaborative data science. The goal is to provide all the information that data scientists in academia, industry, government and the third sector need at the start of their projects to ensure that they are easy to reproduce and reuse at the end.
  • CODE CHECK: CODECHECK tackles one of the main challenges of computational research by supporting codecheckers with a workflow, guidelines and tools to evaluate computer programs underlying scientific papers. If you've benefited form the ReproHack experience and want to contribute to the community more formally, consider signing up as a Code Checker!
  • ReScience C: ReScience C is a platinum open-access peer-reviewed journal that targets computational research and encourages the explicit replication of already published research, promoting new and open-source implementations in order to ensure that the original research is reproducible. You can also consider publishing a more formal version of your review through the ReScience C platform.