Review of
"Mental Health and Social Contact During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Study"

Review of "Mental Health and Social Contact During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Study"

Submitted by ysaidi  

Aug. 4, 2022, 3:04 p.m.

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Review Body


Did you manage to reproduce it?
Fully Reproducible
Reproducibility rating
How much of the paper did you manage to reproduce?
10 / 10
Briefly describe the procedure followed/tools used to reproduce it

downloaded the files from and followed the instructions in the code to start running them in R

Briefly describe your familiarity with the procedure/tools used by the paper.

Reasonably familiar with R, but not the specific methods used in the paper

Which type of operating system were you working in?
Apple Operating System (macOSX)
What additional software did you need to install?

Just some R packages

What software did you use


What were the main challenges you ran into (if any)?

when I was comparing the figures that I had produced to those in the paper, found that FIG_network.pdf is slightly different to figure 4 in the paper linked from reprohack ( The FIG_network.pdf that I made did seem to match the Figure3_diag.pdf in the “2. Figures” folder of the files I originally downloaded and I checked the published version on and they did seem to match what was generated from the code so guessing the paper that was linked to from reprohack just has an earlier version of the figure.

What were the positive features of this approach?

This was a really good paper and I found the code and data to be well set up and easy to follow and reproduce the analysis.

Any other comments/suggestions on the reproducibility approach?


Documentation rating
How well was the material documented?
9 / 10
How could the documentation be improved?

in the "3. Network models.R" file it wasn't immediately obvious that I needed to uncomment line 251-260 to make network_orthogonal.RData

similarly line 319-328 to make network_correlated.RData also I think there was a mistake in line 328 where this was getting saved as network_orthogonal.RData again

What do you like about the documentation?

The files and code and paper were all set out very clearly.

After attempting to reproduce, how familiar do you feel with the code and methods used in the paper?
6 / 10
Any suggestions on how the analysis could be made more transparent?


Reusability rating
Rate the project on reusability of the material
8 / 10
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Any suggestions on how the project could be more reusable?

Any final comments