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  • Tree regeneration in models of forest dynamics: A key priority for further research

    Authors: Olalla Díaz‐Yáñez; Yannek Käber; Tim Anders; Friedrich Bohn; Kristin H. Braziunas; Josef Brůna; Rico Fischer; Samuel M. Fischer; Jessica Hetzer; Thomas Hickler et al.
    DOI: 10.1002/ecs2.4807
    Submitted by odiazyanez    
    Number of reviews:   1
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    This paper is fully reproducible; we provide the protocol that the different modelers used, the data produced from these models, the observed data, and the code to run the analysis that led to the results of the paper, figures, and text. I have not come across any other paper in forestry that is as fully reproducible as our paper, so it might also be a rare example in this field and hopefully a motivation to others to do so. Please notice that we do not provide the models that were used to run the simulations, as these are the results used (or data collection), but we do provide the data resulting from these simulations.

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