Reproducibility Hackathon – ReproHack

Reproducibility Hackathon – ReproHack

      Nov. 10, 2022, 10 a.m. - Nov. 10, 2022, 4 p.m. (Europe/Berlin)

   ZeMKI, Bremen, Germany

Hosted by: Data Science Center, University of Bremen

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Event Description

Sustainable and FAIR research data management is one corner stone to increase the reproducibility of research results. We know how challenging it can be to prepare data, code for analysis and research results in an open and reproducible way. Thus, we want to showcase the value of the practice, both for original authors and as a learning experience for those who attempt to reproduce the work.

We therefore provide researchers of the University of Bremen and other institutions of the U Bremen Research Alliance the opportunity to engage with reproducibility in practice during the first DSC ReproHack!


During a ReproHack, or Reproducibility Hackathon, you attempt to reproduce published research from a list of proposed papers with publicly available associated code and data. You get to work with other people’s material in a low-pressure environment.

In this half-day event, you will be able to choose a paper from a wide range of research areas including medicine, biology or psychology but also geography, physics or computer science (find the full list of papers here).

We record and discuss our experiences on a number of key aspects, including reproducibility, transparency and reusability of materials which we will also learn to formulate useful and appreciating feedback to the authors. You can also bring and try to reproduce a paper from your own field of research. But first, please contact the author to get their consent to formulate feedback on the reproducibility of their work.


28th of September, 10 am – 16 pm (lunch break included)


On site, ZeMKI, Linzer Str. 4, Raum 60.070


This event is for all researchers of the UBRA, preferably Phd students and Postdocs across disciplines. (15 – 20 participants)

This is also an opportunity for researchers to help others learn from their work by submitting their papers, code, data and documentation for reproduction and review!

Why attend?

Reproduction of research is a beneficial activity in itself, but of course this also provides a valuable learning experience for you as a researcher and author. You also have the opportunity to explore different tools and strategies that might inspire and enable you to work more openly.

There are two ways to get involved:

1. Submit a paper for us to reproduce!

We invite researchers to submit their paper (pre-print or published), including code, data and documentation necessary to reproduce and review the results. This provides the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on the documentation and reproducibility of your results. You can submit your paper via mail or directly on the ReproHack Hub. You can associate your paper with the DSC Reprohack Event or submit it openly. Click here to submit a paper. You can also consult the author guidelines for more information. - To get an impression you can browse the full list of submitted papers.

2. Join us for the event and review and reproduce a paper

Join us for the hands-on ReproHack, work with other people’s code and data and learn more about reproducibility on the way! You can work alone or join together in groups. Please note that we will mostly be able to support you with R and Python related code and analysis. But of course you are free to work with any code or language you have access to. Due to time constraints of our event, we recommend to refrain from complex machine learning analysis.

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